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Litche and its effects.

Litche is a form of Dropp used during Raunch. It is often, if not always, used in conjunction with Krokodil. A simple explanation is that it is essentially Coca-Cola Zero. However, there is more to it. The members of the GRYS Gentlemen's Club have become so addicted to the aspartame in the beverage that they can not go a day without drinking some. It has come to the point of the Litche even turning some of the members against each other when supply is running low. One member even suggested that if they had been put in jail, Litche would be used as hard currency on the inside.

Livet Utan LitcheEdit

When there truly is no way to get a hold of more Litche for the day, members of the club refer to "Livet Utan Litche" which is widely regarded as something terrible and almost impossible to face. To avoid Livet Utan Litche, members sometimes buy substitutes such as Pepsi Max, which never satisfies even remotely close to the same way that true Litche does. Members have also gone so far as to threaten each other by taking away Litche supplies if behavior becomes unacceptable. This rarely happens as members can not see many things that are more valuable in life than Litche.


Litche is a bastardization of the word "Light" from Coca-Cola Light. Even though the actual beverage being consumed is Coca-Cola Zero, no one has questioned the lack of logic behind the usage of the word.